Kamado Grills

A kamado is ceramic grill and oven, which is its current iteration has been around for a little more than a century. The origins of ceramic vessels date back further, atleast thousand years, by way of China ad India and all the way to earlier tandoors that were used in the Indus Valley (present day Syria and Iraq). The Japanese eventually adopted some of the customs which led to the development of the first Kamado. The general meaning of the Japanese character for Kamado is ‘’fireplace’’ or ‘’oven’’

What makes a kamado so special in comparison with other grills?

It’s ceramic properties makes it a great retainer while not conducting heat quickly, so the grill stores energy in the ceramic walls without losing too much to the outside. As the kamado is an enclosed system with adjustable air inlets and outlets , the temperature can be precisely controlled and configured for either direct and indirect cooking. The heat source of the kamado is glowing charcoal (ideally lump), while wood chunks are added for additional smoke/flavor. It is extremely versatile such that it supports multiple grill grate levels , accessories like pizza/wok/Dutch oven accessories, a cast iron griddle or even a rotisserie configuration.

why is it ideal for smoking meats?

When smoking meats on a typical kettle grill, the circumstances appear more or less comparable however there are certain considerations that make the kamado a lot more optimal. The fire source is resting on the bottom of the kamado with considerably larger distance between the lit coals and the grill grate. Furthermore deflectors are leveraged to provide further layer of insulation. Apart from  that the single metal shell of  a conventional kettle  offers significantly much less insulation than the ceramic walls , meaning more heat is lost. Thus a typical kettle grill will need to burn more fuel (and often require refueling) to sustain its cooking temperature over long cook. Ultimately, all of these properties influence the final result. These things matter most when cooking low and slow cuts of meats like briskets and ribs, making the kamado the ideal grill.

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