Open Fire Cooking

Argentina’s greatest passion (after football) is, without a doubt, barbecuing. The grill—known in Spanish as a parrilla—is the undisputed king of the Argentinian barbecue. Open fire cooking with various parrilla style models is deeply routed in Argentine food culture, and reinforced by globally renowned chefs like Francis Mallmann whose work has transformed cooking with open fire into an art form.

What’s open fire cooking?

Open fire cooking involves grilling food on grates or spits, with active flames from wood or charcoal fed by open air. Depending on the size of the flame or how long the fire has been burning, one can induce a slow cook or a quick char.

For most of human history, over an open fire was the one and only way to cook a meal. People started cooking in this fashion nearly two million years ago, and the trend is carried on today all over the world.

Here are some different techniques used :

Cross spit (or hanging)
This is one of Argentina’s oldest and most traditional roasting method , where the the meat is cooked a short distance away from a wood fire The cooking process can last for hours. The meat is positioned in the direction of the wind, and seasoned with brine.

Spit roasting over a fire
As its name suggests, this roasting method involves inserting a metal spit into the meat, and cooking it directly over the fire.

Flat girddle that heats up over the fire and is coated in oil or animal fat and use to sear meats and veggies.

Ember roasting
The technique of ember roasting involves burying vegetables among the coals, so they are cooked in the fire itself. This gives them a tasty, smoked flavor. When they are removed from the heat, the ashes and burnt skins are removed. They are sprinkled with olive oil or a sauce such as Provencal sauce or pesto.

We’ve carefully selected various grills that enable the backyard BBQ enthusiast to enjoy the art of open fire cooking, and intrigue guests and foodies with unique cooking methods right in your backyard , your catering spot or campsite!

We’re introducing an Argentine-style grill, beautifully handcrafted in thick cast iron and coated with high-temperature resistant paint, which provides a unique cooking experience in a traditional argentine setting. Designed to be used in gardens, and anywhere outdoors. With a detachable structure base, it’s easy to dismount and store safe while not in use.


It is a fundamental step when cooking for the first time, but it is not complicated at all.

You can use oil or animal fat.

After heating the grill/iron, apply a thin layer of oil and spread it evenly through out the cooking surface. Let it burn for a while until you notice the material changes its color and finish.


To clean your Kankay after each use, use the same oil ,and scrub any remains from previous cookings.  Using rock salt helps as it makes scrubbing remnants easier.

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