Which Grill is right for you?

PK grills are designed with modern cooking needs in mind, while it still embodies the spirit and cooking simplicity of the original pk which first emerged in 1952. After nearly 70 years, PK Grills are still going strong  and even more so after it’s retro-architecture was upgraded to make it even more user friendly.

Generations have come to cherish it for it’s smart design and ability to hold a steady temperature. After all these durable , rust proof grills are built to last.  Learn More

Kamado’s ceramic properties makes it a fairly great retainer while not conducting heat quickly, so the grill stores energy in the ceramic walls without losing too much to the outside.

Because a kamado is an enclosed system with adjustable air inlets and outlets , the temperature can be precisely controlled. The heat source of the kamado is glowing charcoal (ideally lump), wood chunks are added for additional smoke/flavor. This charcoal heat is transmitted in three different ways : through radiation, contact, and convection. Learn More

Open fire cooking involves grilling food on grates or spits, with active flames from wood or charcoal fed by open air. Depending on the size of the flame or how long the fire has been burning, one can induce a slow cook or a quick char.

For most of human history, over an open fire was the one and only way to cook a meal. People started cooking in this fashion nearly two million years ago, and the trend is carried on today all over the world. Learn More

When we’re barbecuing outside while the rest of the family is still locked in the kitchen preparing other dishes, It’s not the ideal experience. Striving to create  the best outdoor cooking experiences for large groups or families? we relied on grills and other appliances to promote these type of joyful moments, but let’s be honest, sometimes somethings seem to be missing. We wanted more; we wanted to COOK EVERYTHING OUTSIDE!  why not make it complete with a griddle. Learn More

Our Story

What started as typical backyard BBQs with friends & family morphed into a healthy obsession for cooking with fire, striving to improve craftsmanship and produce consistently mouthwatering food.

There is always something primal and wholesome about preparing food for those closest to you. And as any good story goes, we found ourselves bringing foodies together around fire-kissed meats in a space where friends can bond and build memories of smiles on their faces.

Our passion for experimenting with various cooking methods and itching to source the right BBQ tools to deliver the best outcomes banded us together to form Holy Smokes.

More About Us

Why Holy Smokes



is the passion to deliver
great products because we care



is for the mind and soul through
reliability trust & great advice



is the sense of community
we are trying to build

Our Latest Events

An Ode to the Shawarma and the Shish Tawook
I’ve recently realized, especially during my summer travels, that certain foods we just aren’t meant to abstain from. With all its accolades, the shawarma is one of them, of course.…
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Go Behind the Scenes at Fire Food & Friends desert event with Cucina Del Sul & Nomad Trailers & Carnistore
Behind the Scenes at Fire Food & Friends event with Cucina Del Sul
This was an event of the people, by the people, for the people. The vibe was running on pure passion, where fire, sand, and smoke were the common theme across…
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Private event catering in the desert
Private corporate event catering in the desert
Setting up for an event in the desert is always fun. It’s especially so, when a group of 30 members of corporate team coming together for a social gathering ask for a Holy Smokes food experience.  Being in the great outdoors, cooking and eating amazing food, and sharing it all with friends is just what the doctor ordered.
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